The Insurance Professionals Guides are continuing education (c.e.) courses for the insurance industry. Our premier course is The Insurance Professional's Ethics Guide by James "Jim" L.  Young, JLY Public Relations: Sycamore Press Division,* Owner/Director.
*(C.E. publishing and distribution)
     Jim worked over eight years in c.e. sales and administration, and as a liaison to the California Department of Insurance for a top Southern California insurance vocational school.  An active CA-Licensed Property-Casualty Agent-Broker 12 years, he is a licensed property-casualty broker-agent in California, an author/editor/publisher of insurance c.e. text books, and the originator/administrator of the "Continuing Education Forum for CA Insurance Agents & Brokers" on Linkedin.
A journalism school graduate of San Diego State College (now University), Jim's 40+ years of experience include also --  print journalist, freelance writer, newspaper and magazine editor, photographer, publisher, media rep., public relations account executive, corporate p.r. director, writer's association executive and mentor to other writers, and authors .
    Jim has written and/or edited for several publications and news services, including the San Diego (College) Daily Aztec Newspaper (reporter & managing editor), S.D. Evening Tribune (reporter), Baptist Press (International) News Service (photos/features editor), Rocky Mountain Baptist Newspaper (editor), National Writers Club (executive director) & Authorship Magazine (editor).
     He holds the Master of Religious Education Degree from Golden Gate Seminary in Mill Valley, CA. As a Navy Veteran he served on destroyers and as a Seabee photo-journalist in Vietnam during that conflict.
     J.L.Y. Public Relations has affiliation agreements to market products and services with:
* CyberCE (West Coast Schools) for AZ, CA, NV Insurance Continuing Education;
*CyberCE (WCS) for CA Real Estate and Contractors C.E. (CA BRE Provider #4331)
* CyberCE controls its own products/services/promotions/websites/protocols/and customer service policies -- including orders, shipping & handling, pricing, refunds, complaints, and customer service. We are simply a conduit to show its inventories and other offerings in exchange for commission-based payment schedules.
"We're always looking for ways to help market my services. Thumbtack is a good wayto help show off our expertise. See our Profile at http://www.ThumbTack.com. --Jim Young, JLY Public Relations: Sycamore Press Div.; InsuranceProsGuides.com

Our Mission Statement...

Our aim is to provide professionally written, edited, and published insurance industry support products -- with the primary focus on quality continuing education courses.
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"I'm going to recommend you to all my friends." -- J.M.

"You're so helpful. When you retire, I'll retire"
"You made a licensing nightmare easy!"
-- D.M.

"Thank you so much for all your help and service." -- N.K.

"You give excellent service."  -- J.T.

"Your Ethics book is really well written...and interesting. I enjoyed reading it. And, you didn't play games with the questions and answers," -- J.W.
 "You are a really good writer; I enjoyed reading the history in it (Ethics book)." -- D.T.
"I hope you never leave here; I depend on you to help me take care of my c.e. every two years." -- R.M.
"You are the best!" -- D.O.

"I'm impressed with your profile." -- S.H.




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