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J.L.Y.--Public Relations,
Sycamore Press Div. 
Continuing Education



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Jim Young, Publisher/Director

J.L.Y.--Public Relations,
Sycamore Press Div. 
Continuing Education



   The Insurance Professionals Guides are continuing education (c.e.) courses for the insurance industry. Our premier course is The Insurance Professional's Ethics Guide by James "Jim" L.  Young, Ph.D.,JLY Public Relations: Sycamore Press Division,* Owner/Director.

  Our newest offering is the non-credit, Certificate Only , "The Ultimate Insurance Solution," a 16-Units equivalent c.e. course based on Dr. Young's

dissertation for the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. The course compares Old and New Testament covenants with the modern insurance policy. It's suitable for Bible and insurance students, as well as business -- particularly insurance -- professionals.  
*(C.E. publishing and distribution)
     Dr. Young worked over eight years in c.e. sales and administration, and as a liaison to the California Department of Insurance for a top Southern California insurance vocational school.  An active CA-Licensed Property-Casualty Agent-Broker 12 years, he has been a licensed property-casualty broker-agent in California, an author/editor/publisher of insurance c.e. text books, and the originator/administrator of the "Continuing Education Forum for CA Insurance Agents & Brokers" on Linkedin.
     Dr. Young's 40+ years of experience include also --  print journalist, freelance writer, newspaper and magazine editor, photographer, publisher, media rep., public relations account executive, corporate p.r. director, writer's association executive and mentor to other writers, and authors.
   He  has written and/or edited for several publications and news services, including the San Diego (College) Daily Aztec Newspaper (reporter & managing editor), S.D. Evening Tribune (reporter), Baptist Press (International) News Service (photos/features editor), Rocky Mountain Baptist Newspaper (editor), National Writers Club (executive director) & Authorship Magazine (editor).

      He currently is Publisher/Editor of "American Segue Magazine," a conservative-leaning, digital/online publication that features individuals and groups that deserve (but may not get adequate) recognition. The magazine (link)can be viewed on this website.
    The publisher/editor holds the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biblical Studies from Newburgh (IN) Theological Seminary;  the Master of Religious Education Degree from Golden Gate Seminary in Mill Valley, CA; The B.A.degree  in Journalism from San Diego State College (now University), and the A.A. degree from Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA. As a Navy Veteran, he served on destroyers and as a Seabee photo-journalist in Vietnam during that conflict.
     J.L.Y. Public Relations has affiliation agreements to market products and services with:
* CyberCE (West Coast Schools) for AZ, CA, NV Insurance Continuing Education;
* CyberCE controls its own products/services/promotions/websites/

protocols/and customer service policies -- including orders, shipping & handling, pricing, refunds, complaints, and customer service. We are simply a conduit to show its inventories and other offerings in exchange for commission-based payment schedules.
"We're always looking for ways to help market our services. Thumbtack is a good way to help show off our expertise. See our profile at http://www.ThumbTack.com. --Jim Young, JLY Public Relations: Sycamore Press Div.; InsuranceProsGuides.com

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Our aim is to provide professionally written, edited, and published insurance industry support products -- with the primary focus on quality continuing education courses.


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"Your Ethics book is really well written...and interesting. I enjoyed reading it. And, you didn't play games with the questions and answers," -- J.W.
 "You are a really good writer; I enjoyed reading the history in it (Ethics book)." -- D.T.
"I hope you never leave here; I depend on you to help me take care of my c.e. every two years." -- R.M.
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