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(All courses are approved by the California Department of Insurance) 

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AML Course Offers Double Benefit

Our new Anti-Money Laundering Course has been approved by the CA Dept. of Insurance for six (06) units of (designated/required) Ethics -- to meet the every-two-years requiremen three (03) units requirement. It can also double as the AML course required by certain agencies/carriers for CA agents/brokers of all insurance license types. You can buy it here for $6.00. Only18 multiple-choice or True-False questions. Easy and inexpensive. Try it out. Get a double bonus -- one course with two positive outcomes!  



HV Course Authorized

for CA PL/PC Licensees

Our Home Valuation Continuing Education Course has been approved by the CA Dept. of Insurance as a designated course for HV professionals. At $4.00, this is a bargain-priced, designated course for Personal Lines Agents and P&C agents/brokers. Order here, only twelve 12 multiple-choice, T/F questions. Informative but easy to complete. 






* Insurance & the Technology Revolution, 4 units, $4.00, for all CA licenses.























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'Because of Him'

      A Teenaged Girl Pays

      Tribute to Her Dad...

       by Hailey Y.

 Age 13


When we were kids, we had all the confidence in the world.


Do you remember that?


I remember:


* Wearing goofy glasses,

* Feeling like the most beautiful princess in the world,

* Running through the grass and having the time of my life,

* How I could not let anyone stop me,

* Loving who I was.


But as I grew older my clothes got darker; I stayed inside more. I isolated myself from everyone and went to a really dark place where I constantly hated myself. I didn’t like how I looked or acted. I constantly avoided my family, and I let people walk all over me so that they wouldn’t think I was mean.


The thing is, I hated someone who I didn’t know. I had lost my identity; I didn’t know who I was. I went from phase to phase, trying to become the best at whatever I was obsessed with at the time. I put myself in a box.


The moment I realized I was not the best at each thing, I quit. Every single time I quit, my confidence went lower and lower, until I had none. With my confidence at its lowest and my thoughts racing at full speed, I was ready to throw it all away. To give up. I knew that I couldn’t keep living like this.


However, as I was about to give up, my dad stepped in to rescue me. Encouragement, support, time itself, he had it all. Whenever my self esteem was low, he gave me the encouragement I needed to pull me back up. He supported me on my decisions and always had time to watch scary movies with me.


When I had something I needed to figure out he was there to talk, regardless of where he was. Even when I felt like I would never get out of that dark spot, he never gave up on me. Because of him, I learned;


* That I can pursue my passions without being the best at them,

* How to be confident in myself as well as my interests.

* How to be confident in who I am while bringing others up with me,

* How to stand up for what is right while having compassion toward others.


Because of my father — my hero — I want to give myself a future and make it in life. I cannot thank my father enough for never giving up on me when I was in that dark place and helping me find out — and love — my identity.


About the author: Hailey Y. Is a middle-schooler who recently attended ComicCon and wants to produce horror films sometime in the not-too-distant future.


@ Copyright Nov. 12, 2019, by Hailey Y., in care of J.L.Y. Public Relations, Sycamore Press Div., El Cajon, CA 92021




Reviewer’s Profile: James L. Young, Ph.D., is a  Texas-based journalist, editor, small press publisher, and freelance writer. A licensed Property-Casualty insurance broker/agent, he specializes in writing, publishing, and administering insurance continuing education courses. A U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, Young was a Seabee journalist in-country and in Gulfport, MS, where his unit MCB-121 was home- based and which awarded him The Battalion Commendation for excellence in journalism. He is a former reporter for the (former) San Diego Evening Tribune and has written for/edited other publications — local and national. For seven years he was a full-time advisor and consultant for freelance writers. He is a 1966 B.A. in Journalism graduate of San Diego State College (now University),earned the Master of Religious Education Degree from CA-based Gateway (formerly Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Philosopy in Biblical Studies Degree from Newburgh (IN) Theological Seminary. Contact Young at jyoungreadthis@yahoo.com or via his website at www.insuranceproguides.com.


@ Copyright 2021, by James L. Young, InsuranceProsGuides.com.

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April 12, 2021


Review: Faith-based Investing:

         Author Offers Seven Biblical Rules for Investing


By James L. Young, Ph.D.


       Financial advisor and pastor Anthony Wright is on a mission to help people invest in companies that honor God.

       In the process, he maintains, investors can — and usually do — come out ahead in terms of peace of mind — and earnings.

       In his book, Faith-based Investing, Wright cites seven principles (chapter titles) he uses — and advises Christians and others to use — in considering how and where to invest.

       1. “We Must Embrace Knowledge.” “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6, KJV). Many of the author’s clients, including pastors and churches, are surprised and or shocked to find their investment portfolios are loaded with sometimes up to and above 70% of undesirable stocks. These are ones that support such investments as pornography, abortion, gambling, less-than-desirable entertainment venues, products, and services, among others, he asserts.

       2. “Where Your Treasure Is, There Is Your Heart.” “If you are invested in companies that are supporting things against God’s Word and His principles, then your future might not be too bright,” Wright writes. “However, think how awesome it is to know that your future is not only bright but extremely...secure because God’s blessing is on it,” he continues.

      3. “We Must Be Good Stewards.” Wright quotes Luke 161:13, Jesus’ parable of the wealthy man who was about to pass judgment because his servant had embezzled money. The servant immediately went out and began to collect debts owed to his master, negotiating lesser — but actual — payments. Ironically, when the servant showed his boss what he had done, the latter commended him for acting wisely. The servant not only brought in money owed to the master but also built some security for himself in case he was fired.

      To which Wright responds: “Just as the steward took steps to ensure that he would have friends during his retirement, so the Christian should use his Master’s goods in such a way as to ensure a welcoming party when he gets to Heaven.” This means to the reader and potential investor, “As a Christian here on earth we should be concerned about being a good steward of God’s money that He entrusts us with and in return, we should invest our money into companies that insure us a welcoming party when we get to Heaven,” Wright continues.

       4. “We Must Not Be unequally yoked…” Carrying forward his 3rd principle, Wright cites II Corinthians 6:14-15 (NLT): “…How can light live with darkness? What harmony can there be between Christ and the devil? How can a believer partner with an unbeliever?” While most people apply the scripture to marriage, it also applies to doing business, Wright asserts.

      “A Christian should not go into partnership with one who does not know the Lord…How could one who is faithful to Christ consistently go on in an association where the name of the Lord Jesus is unwelcome?

      5. “We Must Not ‘Love’ Money.” Current stockholders, or shareholders of company stock, receive an annual proxy vote. An estimated 95% of stockholders rarely read the documents, simply mark the ballots, and trust the directors to make decisions. In reality, the investor may inadvertently agree to support anti-Biblical activities; such as abortion, alternative lifestyle, pornography, etc., Wright notes. “Faith based investing is about not partnering (being unequally yoked) with these types of corporations.”

       Rather, Wright notes, “It’s time to partner with corporations that vote yes to support the printing of Bibles, digging water wells, feeding, and housing orphans, widows, building churches, etc.”

       6. “Trust in the Lord, and Depart from Evil.” He cites I Timothy 3:10: “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” A danger here is the neglect of Godly matters, Wright notes. Such people suffer the sorrow that results from greed, the tragedy of a wasted life, losing children to the world, disappearing wealth, and Review: Faith-Based Investing 04-12-2021 of 3 3 the ultimate loss of meeting God either as an "unsaved person" or standing before God empty-handed, he admonishes.

       7. “Don’t Be Lukewarm.” Proverbs 3:5-9 (KJV) advises, “…Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones…In all your ways acknowledge Him…” God will direct the believer who obeys Him, Wright insists. “He may do it through the Bible, through the advice of Godly Christians, through the marvelous converging of circumstances,…the inward peace of the Spirit, or …a combination.…if we wait, He will make the guidance so clear that to refuse would be positive disobedience.”

      Wright, known as “The Investment Preacher” is an ordained minister and senior pastor, and has served as an Investment Advisor Representative for 10 years. His Investment advisory services are offered through Optivise Advisory Services, LLC an SEC-registered investment advisor. The husband and father is CEO of Faith In The Word, World Wide Ministries, Inc.; CEO of Retirement Specialty Group, Inc. — listed as the book’s publisher — an investment firm based in Cookeville, Tennessee.

     He hosts a syndicated financial radio show on local radio stations across Tennessee, and a nationwide Sirius XM (Channel 131) radio show, “Faith-Based Investing.” To request a copy of his book go to www.retirementspecialtygroup.com; or for financial services and more information, he can be contacted at 931-RETIRED (931-738-4733), 865-412-7290; His corporate website link is www.go.retirementspecialtygroup.com/bri-investing32654168, through which he offers a free financial screening.







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